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This is not a typical web studio that creates monotonous websites and promises quick success with impressive budgets. We decided to take the web development process to a new level. The main concept of our service is to provide access to the most convenient and up-to-date tools.

Our goal is to make the creation and promotion of high-quality professional web projects accessible even to inexperienced users. To achieve this goal, we regularly add new useful tools to the service and offer free technical support to all our clients. In our experience, this approach to maintenance guarantees a simple and easy development process.

Service bocoui.com -affordable digital solutions for businesses

Ready-made sites

This is a great offer for those who don't want to spend a lot of time creating a website. You can purchase ready-made projects customized for your business, which can be promoted in search engines and contextual advertising services.

SAAS-site builder

You've probably heard of, or probably used, site builders like Wix and Tilda. We have a similar rapid site development tool that allows you to create any complex web projects. The main difference is that technical support is always at your disposal. We will integrate and configure any module on request.

Individual projects

If you need a non-standard website, individual design or special functionality, you can order website development from our specialists. We offer a full range of services from logo design, templates, CRM to SEO and SMM marketing for your project.

Mobile apps and games

Our range of additional services includes the development of any mobile and interactive applications that can run on any Android and iOS devices.  

Promotion of business projects

We provide marketing support in all areas to ensure powerful and continuous promotion of your online project. Service bocoui.com I am ready to provide you with the following marketing tools: SEO, SMM, Crowd Marketing, CPA marketing, Mailing lists and Remote Sales departments.

Creating QR business cards

New digital trends require new approaches to distributing business contact information. Now QR business cards are relevant, which you can automatically generate from us and share them in social networks, instant messengers, and even print on plastic.

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