About the service

Professional website maintenance is a key aspect of a successful online presence. Our team of specialists is ready to offer you a full range of services for maintaining your site to ensure its reliable operation, up-to-date content and security.



It is suitable for small sites that have a representative function: business cards of companies, personal blogs, landing pages. Any specialists with a relatively high response rate are available.

200 USD

/ month


It is designed for businesses that attract customers via the Internet: stores with a product catalog, corporate websites for selling services, and online services. The price includes informational content updates, changes to the project's functionality and appearance.

249 USD

/ month



Designed for large online stores, portals, and mass media that actively develop their projects to stay ahead of competitors and gain maximum market share. Therefore, maintaining a resource at this rate is characterized by performing work of any complexity, in a large volume and in the shortest possible time.

370 USD

/ month

Integration and support

We work with 100+ systems

Question and answer

We answer your questions

Is there monitoring?

Yes, sites are monitored 24 x 7. The response time to a site crash is from 15 minutes, depending on the selected technical support tariff plan.

Is there any protection against viruses?

Yes, we pay special attention to security issues. We take the issue of site failure extremely seriously. This situation is unacceptable for us. Not only does this pose a risk to our visitors, but it can also lead to “unsafe” tags from search engines, which affects our SEO performance.

We always have an up-to-date backup copy of the site, which we are ready to restore to minimize site downtime, in case of problems. While our specialists are searching for and eliminating the source of infection, they are also actively working to locate the "hole" through which the virus was able to enter the site. Our priority is to ensure the security and smooth operation of your web resource.

Backups and a test server?

Any work that may affect the site's availability is always performed on our test servers. We make sure that these servers are closed for indexing by search engines to prevent duplicates from appearing in search results. Performing a backup is a mandatory step, because in some cases it may be the only way to quickly restore the project in case of unexpected failures or problems.

We still have contractors — what should we do?

We have two approaches to access management:

1. * * Restricted access:** We maintain strict control over access to the site. As the project progresses, we grant temporary access to contractors to make edits. Upon completion of the work, we close access and assume responsibility for warranty service.

2. * * Public accesses:** We have open access for all interested parties. Using technical means, we can identify the source of the warranty. If it is not owned by us, the client may hold us responsible for “investigating” and troubleshooting issues, even if the third-party contractor did not complete the work in full.

We guarantee transparency and reliability of access management to your project, ensuring security and complete completion of work in accordance with your expectations.

Guarantees for your work?

All submitted works are guaranteed and performed on a special test copy of the site. Tasks related to warranty obligations always have the highest priority in our work queue. This ensures that any problems or errors that occur after the changes are made will be reviewed and resolved promptly to ensure the stable operation of your web resource.